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Hinged or not hinged?

Hinged hoops are often thicker and can be opened wider without bending the hoops. The hinge can be at the end of the pin post which will go through the ear piercing or in the middle which divides earrings into halves. Small thin or close endless, continuous hoops are often not hinged.  click photo to view product


Hinged hoops Spring closurehinged hoops square hoop

small continuous hoops no hinges small bead hoop with no hinges

How to open small continuous hoops without distortion?

Gently twist and split the ends to open instead of pulling two ends apart.

twiste open hooptwist opentwist open

Insert at the front or back?

The majority of the hoops can be worn by inserting at the front of your piercings.
Smaller hoops less than 10mm are harder to close at the back. It's easier to put them in backwards and use a mirror to help you close the clasps.
Faux double piercing wire hoops can be worn both from the front and back.
insert from the front:

faux double piercing hoops

insert from the back:

insert from the back faux double piercing heart hoop

Some are designed to be worn from the back:

Sterling Silver Reverse Worn Plain Diamond Cut Small Hoop Huggie Cuff Earrings


6 Different closure types

1. Spring closure - a common closure for thin tube hoops. The wire or post is inserted into the opposite tube creating a continuous circle.  

Solid 925 Sterling Silver 20mm Hinged Hoops Circle Sleeper Drop Bead EarringsSterling Silver 10mm Hoop Cone Charm Drop Sleeper Hinged Circle Earrings Boxed

2. Snap closure - a popular fastening often used for small hinged hoops. The earring pin post has a groove at the top end and clicks into the opening

Sterling Silver Gold Plated Full Eternity Rainbow CZ Huggie Hoop Earrings Sterling Silver Plain Thin Small Cuff Hoop Huggie Unisex Earrings

3. Leverback - a hinged closed finish with spring at the top is often used for drop dangly earrings

Sterling Silver Sea Shell Charm Sleeper Leverback Hoop Drop Earrings

4. Latch Back - an almost invisible fastening supports the earring drop the same way as stud earrings and is more secure. The groove of the pin is underneath and clips on to the hole on the other half of the hoop to be fastened

Sterling Silver Brushed Plain Oval Dome Petal Clip Drop Tulip Latch Back Earrings

5. French Lock - an easy fastening in which the pin post clips into the fork-shaped groove on the other side of the hoop                

Sterling Silver Curb Chain Unisex Creole Sleeper Hoop French Lock Earrings 15mm Sterling Silver Brushed Golden Line Sleeper Drop Hoop Dome French Lock Earring

6. Omega clip - a traditional and secure fastening mechanism for heavier earrings

Sterling Silver Chunky Plain Brushed Oval Dome Hoop Drop Earrings

Popular designs

Huggie Hoop - small hoops hug the earlobe     
Sterling Silver Mini Hoop Plain Star Square Triangle Huggie Hinged Earrings
Sterling Silver Channel CZ Huggie Hoop Cuff Eternity Earrings 5 - 9mm

Creole Hoop- hoops that are not the same thickness the whole way around or are broader at the bottom of the hoop than they are at the top

Sterling Silver Small Oval Creole Hoop Line Teardrop Hinged Earrings Boxed

Fastening adjust

Most hoops - gently pull the pin part up to ensure a tight fit or push down to loose the closure
hoop adjust                           
Latch back - gently push the pin part down to ensure a tight closure
French lock - split open or squeeze the fork shaped catch to adjust the closure
french lock adjust


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